In a time when the world feels like it’s in pieces, Shambles is here to make the most of this uncontrollable, unpredictable, inconceivable mess. From punchy poetry to pocket-sized prose, we publish work about elephants and existential crises. Bubbles and bad times. French fries and fever dreams. That breakdown you had in a Walmart parking lot because you couldn’t get the lid off of a peanut butter jar. We encourage writers of all experiences to submit, so send us what you've got. Oh, by the way, we publish pieces weekly. Good luck, sailor.

General Guidelines:

  • PLEASE NOTE: Shambles is staffed by high school students, and due to our high school connections, we are unable to print certain material. In general, if you wouldn’t hear or see it on network TV, we probably can’t print it.
  • Submissions should be in a standard font (Times New Roman, Garamond), 12 point.
  • Don't include your name on the document, as this is a blind submission.
  • Submit only once in one genre (poetry, fiction, or CNF). Please refrain from submitting again until after you've heard back from us. 
  • Only submit unpublished work.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please withdraw your piece if accepted elsewhere. Leave us a note stating what pieces are being withdrawn. 


  • Submit 1-3 poems at a time.
  • When titling your submission, include the titles of the poems in the order they appear in the file submitted. 
  • Please format poems as you would like them to appear in publication. 

Flash Fiction

  • Submit only one piece per submission.
  • 1,000 words max.
  • Double spaced

Flash Creative Nonfiction

  • Submit only one piece per submission.
  • 1,000 words max. 
  • Double spaced

You should expect a response within 3 months. Thank you for submitting to Shambles! 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.